The Foundation for Our Success

Broad Street Review was launched in 2005 by Dan Rottenberg as an online 501c3 non-profit forum, where Philadelphians and others with a passion for arts and culture could exchange ideas, reviews, and commentary.

BSR’s online approach revolutionized arts journalism, bypassing more expensive and cumbersome print media by making all of its content available globally at The website format grants visitors free access to all of BSR’s current and past content— more than 600 new articles every year and over 5,000 past articles— as well as the opportunity for readers to interact with BSR’s contributors.

BSR has become the only online Philadelphia medium that pays journalists writing about all forms of arts and culture. As such, BSR now plays a vital supporting role for Philadelphia’s creative community as well as the city’s writers.

Most of BSR’s content is submitted unsolicited by a roster of more than 100 contributors, an eclectic mix that includes Philadelphia’s leading arts critics, young writers eager to break into the field, and amateur arts lovers who have useful insights.

BSR has no full-time employees. All phases of its operation are handled by six part-time independent contractors and five board members.

Broad Street Review would not be able to operate, pay its contributors, and offer free access to readers without the generous support of readers who support Philadelphia’s arts community in myriad ways. The following donors especially have played a critical role in the survival of our unique mission: independent professional arts journalism with free public access.

  • Performing Arts Foundation
  • Joseph and Marie Field
  • Philadelphia Cultural Fund
  • Hilda and Preston Davis Foundation
  • Rosenfield Family Foundation
  • Rittenhouse Foundation
  • William Penn Foundation